Tracklist reads as follows:

1.Good Mourning Earth
2.It Fell From The Sky
3.The March To Oblivion
4.Angel Of Doom
5.Ghost On The Shore
6.The Ups And The Downs
7.Weight Of Two Worlds
8.Left To The Burning Sun
9.On Borrowed Time

EARTHTORN”. A 10 track concept album, an album that crosses multiple musical genres. Such as doom, progressive metal, traditional heavy metal, and even ambient. The album flows continuously, telling the story of the extinction of humankind seen through the eyes of an extraterrestrial visitor disguised as a human sent to mother earth to analyze our behavior and eventually deplete us of all our natural resources. He learns about our past and our experiences of war sickness. Love, loss, and death, He falls in love with a woman and is torn between his selfishness for her. He begins to question his willingness to carry out his mission. He gets to watch as his love slowly falls victim to the disease and starts to wither away. Day by day, she grows sicker and eventually passes away from cancer. His experience of love, sickness, loss, and death is for real now. He realizes that there is nothing good left on Earth throughout all the darkness. He informs his planet that there is nothing to be retained here on Earth and that he will be returning home, leaving the human race to its slow decay.